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VIBRANT Broadband has Rip Snort’n FAST™ Fiber-Fed Internet for our Rural Communities.

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Home Internet

Movies from start to finish with no buffering. Internet gaming to win. Earning a degree at a college far, far away. Nothing will stand in your way with VIBRANT fiber optic broadband service. With download speeds faster than any other service in our area, the world is at your fingertips.

Business Solutions

VIBRANT Broadband has the lightning-fast internet your business needs to stay competitive and meet the flexibility and reliability your team and clients expect in today’s business environments.

Digital Phone

VIBRANT’S phone service uses your internet connection to place and receive calls locally and internationally, to your neighbor or to someone half a world away. This popular phone service is your lightning-fast entry into reliable global connectability.

Protect yourself from online threats, keep your passwords in a safe place, back up your files, and more with


TechShield gets you malware and virus protection on up to 5 computers and 5 devices. You also get Password Genie, a password vault to help remember your passwords and log into websites. Plus, you get 50GB of cloud storage.

VIBRANT Premium Protection expands your cloud storage to 250GB and gets you Identity Theft Protection and remote tech support for all your Wi-Fi connected devices.

VIBRANT Broadband includes TechShield with any 50Mbps and above package or available for $5.99/mo to our 25Mbps subscribers.

VIBRANT Premium Protection is available to any VIBRANT Broadband subscriber for only $10/mo.
More information about TechShield and VIBRANT Premium Protection is available here.

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