Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


EQUIPMENT: If I sign up for the VIBRANT Broadband Fixed Wireless system, what type of equipment will be installed and where will it be installed?

Answer: A site evaluation will be done by an Installation Technician. With a standard installation, a “J-Arm” will be installed on your home and a small receiver plate will be attached to the J-Arm (see photo). If your site requires a custom installation due to trees or other items blocking a wireless signal, a technician will discuss various options and pricing with you before installation. You may also refer to our installation guide at You will also receive a new router for inside your home or business. This router is standard and necessary for our technicians to be able to troubleshoot any problems you may have with your system. Should you have a router of your own you wish to use, you may install that AFTER the VIBRANT router.

EQUIPMENT LOCATION: If I don’t want the installation equipment on my home, can I put it on another location, such as a shed, pole or barn?

Answer: Yes, that is a possibility if the alternate location is within distance guidelines for optimum service. A technician will make that determination during the on-site evaluation. Additional costs will apply.

PLUS PROGRAMS: Why should I choose a “Plus” program over the standard service?

Answer: Our Plus programs are like an insurance plan. Should you experience any issues with your home network (WiFi, etc.), you would receive up to two in-home service calls annually for no extra charge. Without the Plus program, a service call would be a minimum of $95. In addition, our technicians will be able to access your system remotely and troubleshoot any customer device networking issues (managed WiFi). Our Plus programs also provide wireless connectivity installation of up to five devices in your home at the time of service installation.

FIBER TO THE HOME: If I decide to have fiber installed directly to my home, do I have to choose the Extreme or Extreme Plus package?

Answer: No, you can also choose the Essential, Essential Plus, Streaming or Streaming Plus package and pay the monthly fee associated with those packages. However, the small difference in price could be worth receiving two to four times the speed.

BEST ROUTER LOCATION: Where is the best place in my home to located the router?

Answer: To reach all of your home’s devices, it is best to locate your router near the center of your home. However, we can install a WiFi extender (at an additional cost) that will enable all your devices to receive the best possible service.


Answer: Having a strong, fast and reliable internet service could change the way you watch television! Instead of being spoon-fed whatever is available on cable TV at any one time of the day, why not stream your favorite television shows when and where you want to watch them? You can subscribe to a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime for far less than cable. Or simply go to National Geographic or HGTV and instantly download or stream your favorite shows on your smart TV, phone, computer or iPad. Have a disagreement about what to watch? Everyone in the family can stream what they wish, when they wish, all at the same time on separate devices with no slow-downs or annoying buffering. That’s freedom!

PROBLEMS AFTER HOURS? What happens if there are internet issues after business hours?

Answer: No worries! We will have technicians available around the clock at our 320-693-3231 number. If you have one of our Plus programs, we can assist you remotely for quick troubleshooting of your connectivity issue.

WHEN WILL I KNOW IF YOU’RE INSTALLING IN MY AREA? For Fixed Wireless service, there is no charge if I sign up within 30 days of when service is available. How will I know when the 30-day countdown begins?

Answer: When a monopole is ready to provide wireless service, potential subscribers in the area will receive notification that installations are ready to begin in their area. If you sign up within 30 days following notification, your standard installation is FREE and there is no contract. You do not need to have the installation done within 30 days, you only need to sign up. The sign-up can be accomplished through this website, or by calling us at 320-693-3231.


Answer: Our goal is to complete Phase 1 in 2019 and Phase 2 in 2020.

Phase 1: Beginning at the Co-op headquarters in Litchfield, heading east to Darwin and Dassel, then north to Kimball and west along Highway 55 to Eden Valley and territory south to Highway 12.

Phase 2: All remaining areas, to include Paynesville and areas south to south of Highway 12 and west to Cosmos and all areas in between.

Of course, we can’t make promises due to weather, take-rate and installation challenges.