Would you like to get rewarded simply
by sharing something you love?

SHARE VIBRANT, GET REWARDED gives you a $25 bill credit for everyone you refer to VIBRANT Broadband. It’s unlimited, too!

Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors and share how you love VIBRANT. Tell them to list you as the person who referred them when they sign up. You will receive your “REWARD” when they become a VIBRANT Broadband subscriber!

We’re not about “fine print”, but here are some details:

  • You must be a VIBRANT Broadband subscriber or Meeker Co-op Member to qualify
  • The reward is given after the new customer is installed
  • If the new customer is unable to receive our service unfortunately, there will not be a reward
  • The person must be referred prior to signing up
  • Excludes campers, apartments, and businesses
  • You cannot refer yourself

SHARE VIBRANT with as many people as you wish and GET REWARDED, no limit!