Stay Safe Online with
VIBRANT Premium Protection
and TechShield

Stay safe when using your computer and other devices online. Protect your data and private information from computer malware, viruses, and phishing scams. Store your passwords safely in a digital vault and back up your files with cloud storage.

This is what VIBRANT Premium Protection and TechShield can do for you.


We want you and your family to have the greatest and safest online experience. That’s why we are bringing you TechShield and VIBRANT Premium Protection.

TechShield gets you malware and virus protection on up to 5 computers and 5 devices. You also get Password Genie, a password vault to help remember your passwords and log onto websites. Plus, you get 50GB of cloud storage.

VIBRANT Premium Protection expands your cloud storage to 250GB and gets you Identity Theft Protection and remote tech support for all your Wi-Fi-connected devices.

These features are available exclusively to VIBRANT Broadband subscribers. If you’re not already a subscriber, call today!


TechShield is FREE

TechShield is FREE with residential packages above base packages or $5.99/mo. with residential base packages.

VIBRANT Premium Protection is available for $10.00/mo to all subscribers.

Call 320-693-3231 to learn more!

If you currently have a VIBRANT Plus Package, you will be upgraded to VIBRANT Premium Protection. Your PLUS Package features will change to VIBRANT Premium Protection features.

Learn to install TechShield by watching the video below.

VIBRANT Premium Protection has a value of over $700/yr. for only $10/mo!